Friday, December 01, 2017

A week from.....

There may have been a day...or two where I ate donuts for breakfast...donuts for lunch and then finished the day with a donut or two for dinner.    There may have been cake.....and ice cream...and Reece’s cups.  There may have been indiscriminate eating.   Oh and then there was thanksgiving.

Yeah for the last week and a half my eating has been horrible!!!   Absolutely horrible!   Jason and I have vowed that come Monday we are cleaning up our act!!!

Why wait until Monday?  Well really no VALID reason because there really is no time like now.  But that said....Monday!

I’m an addict.  And this week I have just thrown up my hands and said to hell with trying to beat the wasn’t important and I didn’t care.   

So instead of beating around the bush and trying to ignore what I don’t want to write....

Yes...that’s my dad. read the caption on the picture right.   So I guess I have a good enough reason as to why I took a break from caring about what I eat.

Friday, November 10, 2017

The sweet treat monster

I am still holding steady with my weight. In the last week I have had some sweet treats but I have managed to get it a bit more under control. What does that mean? That means that the bad habit of having candy, cookies, ice cream, or cake every day is past. That is not to say that I haven’t had any kind of sweet treat. I did have a Reesie‘s cup on Tuesday night. And I would like to add that it was the normal size not the king size. And last weekend I did have a cookie and some ice cream. I am not na├»ve enough to think that I have conquered the sweet treat monster. But this past week I’m happy with my efforts.

I have managed to walk on my lunch breaks every day but one this week. And the only reason I didn’t walk that day was because I was just darn Tootin’ hungry! So I spend my time that day  buying lunch. I even walked on the day that it was pouring down rain. It was cold that day also! How did I manage to walk? I walked to the top of the parking garage and then to the bottom of the parking garage and then back up. My favorite part that day was  when I was close to the edge where I could see out and get some fresh air. I even paused to snap a picture of the rainy day from the parking garage.

It is getting cold, And I am not sure how long I will last with walking outside. I have a plan! My plan walk down the steps walk up the steps. I have to time in to see how long climbing The stairs text me. And then I can judge how far I walk on my break and lunch. Like I said, that is my plan… I make no promises! Reading during my lunch break is very tempting.

Jason’s foot seems to be doing well after a long stretch of pain and various issues. So with The cooler weather, hopefully we can get some hiking in. On the warmer weekends I’m sure we will be biking still.   Admittedly lately we have been lazy on our weekends of late!

Nothing new to report in the weight-loss world. I have had no major ephiphanies. I have not tracked a single bite of food. Other than my lunchtime walks and my break walks, exercise has been a no go. That does not mean that I do not think about losing weight a lot. I Think about it all the time. I want to be fit. I want to be thin. I want to be healthy. I don’t know what to do to change where I’m at. I know this sounds like an excuse, but my work week is so tiring that I honestly don’t have the energy to put into the effort. And that is a shame, because I am talking about my life, my future and my health.

This upcoming week I have a day off of work. I have my annual physical with my family doctor my annual physical with my gynecologist and a dentist appointment along with all the accompanying appointment for blood work and a mammogram. I am crossing my fingers that my health is still showing no negative effects from my continued excess weight.  Maybe that will be the catalyst to get me back in full gear!!!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


So I’m going to start today with an analogy. Going to think about weight loss in relation to an airflight. The planning stages are like the preflight checklist. Starting the plan is like take off. Starting to lose and getting in the groove is flying at altitude. So on and so forth.

Well the other day when I wrote about my plans that with my preflight checklist. And I, as the pilot, must’ve fallen asleep and I never took off. Oh yes, the last week has not been good. Cinnabon, delicious doughnut, pumpkin muffins, brownies, and a whole lot more, have entered my life. it’s not been pretty! (Pretty tasty but not pretty!

Exercise well that’s still in the planning stages… OK let’s be honest I just haven’t started! It is hard enough to get out of bed when I do much less wake up even earlier to exercise!  This morning I was the walking zombie I was dragging so bad when I got out of bed...and it’s on Tuesday!!!

My weight this morning was not pretty, my low weight from last week is history. Luckily, I am not back to my  weight that my body seemed to like for months on end.

My only saving grace is that I typically eat fruit at lunch while I walk. However I do worry about my lunchtime walks as the weather gets colder.

My lunchtime walk on Friday should be labeled freaky Friday. I saw three different groups of people doing full on Photo shoot with props and everything… Using their cell phone cameras. OK so that’s not too freaky just kind of humorous to go to the great length of having props and going all out but not have a good quality camera. Next I saw an old guy laying in the grass. That in it self is not too odd. What makes it crazy is the fact that it was 50° and he was only wearing a pair of skimpy shorts. Now let me also add that he was an old geezer, think saggy old wrinkles all over his body. I’m right ....freaky Friday! And last but not least some foreign dude was sitting under a tree by the path with his cell phone in his hand and in his other hand he had this huge microphone… Bigger than his head sized microphone. And he was singing in a foreign language into his microphone which was attached by a cord to his phone.  I don’t know if he was recording or just singing or on the phone with somebody who knows I just picked up the pace and kept walking. Freaky Friday!

Back to the sweet treats that I have been over indulging in. Today I feel positively sick from the suite. So I’m on track today… My body is demanding it today! If only I can make my head remember what my body is telling me right now. If I could figure out how to do that though I would be rich because that is the age old question to weight loss.

It was rainy this weekend and Jason‘s foot is still recovering, so we took it easy and relaxed a lot. We saw the movie Jigsaw,  did a little shopping, and had fun watching Mertz get jacked up on catnip and then play with her.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Skin of my teeth

I need to say that I wrote this post on Monday....oops I forgot to post!!!   Updates are in red!!

And I’m hanging on… By my teeth. Right now I’m not losing and I’m not really gaining. Well on my official weekly weigh in I lost 3.2 pounds....go figure!!! I just feel like I’m in no mans land. I feel like I’m spinning my wheels and I don’t have the energy the time or anything that I need in order to get where I want to go. I know I’ve talked about the issues before so I’m not going to going to detail. I’m just going to say time is at a premium in my life right now and I don’t have a lot of it to spare.

The other weekend we stopped and got the most wonderful delicious donuts. I swear each one weighed a pound, I kid you not. I managed to maintain my weight for the next weigh in. Yes I was surprised considering I ate two of these huge donuts. But another problem came up shortly after that weekend.

I’ve talked about it on here for over the years. At certain points in my weight journey my stomach rubs the buttons and the waistband on my pants and it gets rubbed raw. Well not exactly raw  it just gets a really sore and looks painful. It is painful. Over the years I just learned to get big Band-Aids and cover the spot while I’m in that weight range / body shape timeframe. So after the donut weekend, a.k.a. last week; this happened. On Thursday I pulled out the big Band-Aids and plopped one on my skin. On Friday morning as  I took a shower I noticed the Band-Aid was still there so I ripped it off. And I ripped a nice size patch of my skin off. Can I say ouch? I bandaged it and went on to work and  had dealt with it. But let me tell you that’s motivation! What’s bigger motivation? Having to explain to your boyfriend who you love with all your heart that you’re fat rubs and causes wounds!  Embarrassing!!!

So here I sit bandaged up, carefully. And I’m tired of being this weight.  It’s got a change. For more reasons than what I just talked about also. I want to be healthy and hike. I want to be healthy and be able to ride my bike for longer periods. I want to be healthy and live a long time with Jason.  I want to live my life to the fullest.

I’ve come up with some ideas. Number one involves Siri on my phone. I am dictating my blog post while I drive home today. In this way I will only have to read it over and edit it when I get home. I know for me that writing in this blog has a way of keeping me accountable and honest with myself. This is the way that I might be able to continue with this activity that has helped me so much in the past. I don’t know if or when or how often I will be able to read other people‘s blogs but I’m gonna try to pop on when I can.

Accountability with friends.  I email Julie weekly!  And anyone else who wants accountability!!!

Exercise… This is a biggie! I have been walking at work on my lunches..... but during the week, that’s about it!! I actually miss running! But right now it’s pitch black when I leave for work and it’s dusk or later  when I’m getting home. In a perfect world I would be able to wake up an hour earlier and go running then… I however do not feel safe running by myself in the dark at 4 AM in the morning. I had already given up my gym membership and since we plan on moving sometime soon I don’t want to pick up another membership in the town I currently live in. My plan that I’ve been thinking about is to pull out the exercise videos/DVDs that I have stored away. When I was first losing my weight, way back  at the beginning of this blog I actually did quite a few exercise videos. Ideally I would like to do then at night but realistically I know that by the time I see Jason and eat dinner that I’m exhausted. So that means if I can’t start forcing myself to do it in the evenings I will be waking up an hour earlier in the morning… OK at least a half an hour. Yep this has not segued into real life’s just a glimmer of an idea!

As for the food… Those sweet treats have crept in. The thing that saving me is I typically eat at serving or two of fruit for lunch while I walk around the lake at work so my lunches are really healthy and that is negating the ice cream and or cake and or cookies and or candy that I eat.  What can I say other then the sweet treats have to go! I’m not even going to say 100% gone they just need to be severely limited. But boy was that Cinnabon good tonight!!!

It’s not the best options but it’s what I have to work with right now.

Jason and I are still doing well. We are planning to move closer to our work, which will ease up some of the time constraints. OK it will mostly take away the time issues. We have actually also talked about the food and we are both excited about eating at home and making healthy meals. (he actually eats healthier than me typically so I will be fine.)

Our weekends are fun. We have been getting a bike rides in most weekends and we both are looking forward to getting back to hiking now that the weather is cooling down.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Hold them...fold them..or walk away

Early this year I accepted a challenge to propel myself 2017 miles in the year 2017.  I was pushing  myself and actually was doing well...making mad miles in spring and summer.  And then all went to hell in a hand basket!  I was right on target in July (ok within 25 miles of being right on target).    And that is when I fell apart!   No where close in August.  No where close in September!    But I am proud to say that while I was no where close....I wasn’t too far off either!!! 

In August I still managed to knock out 127.02 miles....  and in September I managed 124.77 miles.    Right now my yearly deficit is 117.23.     

I have toyed with throwing the folder with my stats into the garbage. 

But I hesitate because I don’t want to quit!   I am averaging about 2-3 miles a day.   I need 5-6 a day!    A nice long bike ride on the weekend helps elevate those numbers but it’s a long shot!  So for now I continue to half heartedly enter my numbers.  

We had a wonderful weekend....they are all wonderful and  the time together is so precious to me (to us)!  

We visited an old 1818 prison.....

And went to see the movie It.     And of course just spent time together.   Another fabulous weekend.

Now back to work!!!  And the count down to next weekend had begun!   

The plans for this week?  I’m going to restart the Matcha tea/ beet juice regime and see how that goes.   I’m going to walk as much as I can on my breaks and lunch (I have a rainy day building had a parking garage connected....walk through the garage to another building...up and down steps...around the garage...anything I can think of!!!  That’s the plan!!!)

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

It is what it is

I'm not making huge strides but I am holding my own at the slightly lower weight.   So that's a victory!    

I need to lose though!  My breakfast is light (ok ignore the pop tart that I had this morning..that's not normal) and t lunches are really healthy.   It really is my dinners that are sinking me.   And maybe not even my dinners so much.  It's the desserts that I have each night.   (Most nights!!!). If I can clean that up I could probably see results!!   

 I also know that my current 13 plus hour day is hindering me in eating everything.    There are some changes coming, but until then I just need to hold on!!!  

Surprisingly, I find myself driving through the neighborhoods where I have run for the last few years and I find myself super nalstalgic!   I actually really miss running! I know...shocks me too!!!!   Hopefully someday soon I can get back to that!!!

My work weeks are simply eat and sleep...with a quick kiss and a hug from Jason each evening. (Like we see each other for 15 minutes or so.....and I wouldn't give up those 15 minutes for anything!!).   The weekends we spend together...and they are going well.  We have been riding a lot lately!

But with the projected cooler weather for this weekend (high of 70) we are talking about going hiking instead!!!!!   So I am somewhat active on the weekends at least!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Well then

My weight.....holding relatively steady.    It's not the lowest I saw from last week.  But it's not up where I have been stuck at for months!   So that's good!    

I've had three people tell me that it looks like I'm losing weight.   Desiree my coworker (and walking buddy), Jason who says he sees it in my face and my mom (mom's don't count though!!).   I don't see that the few pounds make that much difference but we shall go with it 

I'm enjoying the tracking free existence.  But I honestly do remain somewhat cognizant about what I'm eating.   And I try to eat mostly fruits and veggies at work!  I'm enjoying it so much that I signed up for some program (Rally) that helps with attaining health goals. And when one of the challenges was to track...I couldn't even bring myself to do it for the four weeks!!!     The Rally's through work and earns health care spending money that's out on a Visa card for me to use....very much like a healthcare spending account.  So heck yeah I'll do it!!!   But from what I see you also earn coins for your good healthy habits....and with those coins you can buy things  in an auction style format or you can use them to enter sweepstakes.   So rewards available in two formats for me.

So a simple picture from where we rode last weekend!

And RIP to my cat Ethel she was 17.5 years old.