Weight Loss Rewards

I have purchased a charm bracelet.   The initial outlay of expense for the bracelet is doable (I spent about 40 for a sterling silver bracelet...I shopped around).  It seems that the charms run the gamut in price.  I got my 'starter' charm to signify my beginning for $18.99  but found my first 10 pound reward charm for $4.99.    I plan on getting a charm for every 10 pounds I lose AND for any significant event or NSV that I encounter. (ie running...actually RUNNING a 5K.....completing a century bike ride......fitting into my engagment ring which I had resized when I had lost the weight before)

Starter charm...It is a charm that dangles and says "A year from now you will wish you had started TODAY"  I thought that this was fitting for my fresh start after so many false starts and regrets.

10 pounds gone....Dream Charm.  This signifies that during the loss of this ten pounds I started to dream and believe in myself! (early February)

20 pounds gone....  Shoes charm.   This signifies my quest to run.  I don't know that I will be a runner for my life...but I focused on the c25k program during this 10 pounds and I have made it to the end (I only have 2 more runs to completion).  I ordered my charm on 3-18-2013  

30 pounds gone....
40 pounds gone...
50 pounds gone...
60 pounds gone...
70 pounds gone...
80 pounds gone...
90 pounds gone

I'm not sure that 80 and 90 pounds are doable.  When I got down to 180 (which would be 70 pounds gone) before my body was comfortable there. My doctor liked me there and advised me that going lower would be near impossible.  Every time I did dip lower, people said I looked sick.  SO I'm not sure about that....180 is my 'goal' for right now.

200- Massage, pedicure, the works
180 goal-  weekend away including massage, pedicure etc etc etc  (hoping I can corral a friend or two to join me!)


Anonymous said...

Nice Stuff .. thanks for sharing . ^_^

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Tianna said...

Its a great way of keeping yourself motivated. I never thought of anything like this before but I will buy my husband rewards when he starts reaching his goals.

At first I will just surprise him and then we will make it into an official thing.

Great idea thanks

Jean said...

Brilliant idea! Keep it up...I like the massage one myself. :-) Oh, and a trip to the Virgin Islands...

Nalan onatlı said...

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Jen Vallone said...

Could I ask where you got your charm bracelet? I've been trying to think of what I want to do to reward myself and I LOVE this idea. I also do not like charm bracelets that jingle and from the picture above it looks like this is perfect!
Congrats! I'm just starting my journey and look forward to filling up my bracelet as well!


W said...

Oh my goodness, the charm bracelet idea is brilliant!

Weight Loss Diet said...

Amazing progress. Congratulation.

kind regards,

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